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The user can now use multiple frames to create more complex animations. With multiple frames, objects can appear and disappear during animations. They can go behind a another object, and then later appear in front of the object. The objects can scale from smaller to larger and from larger to smaller in the same animation Read More


Input - JPG, or PNG
Best results with 24 bit images
Output - SVG.
At the moment, the server limits the size of the picture to about 490,000 pixels but we'll soon convert up to 6 million pixel images.

Currently the SVG animation must be created in Mozilla's Firefox browser. Other major browsers will be added soon.

PnZ Cloud

PnZ Cloud converts photos into Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) in high quality, and is the only way to animate SVG online. SVG programs require the use of text or code to create SVG animation, but we give you SVG animation with a simple web user interface. Animation conveys emotion a lot better than still photos. Interactive animation makes the viewer a participant in the action. Animated SVG is interactive and our technology makes the highest quality animation possible.