Accelerated I/O has a cloud app known as PnZ Cloud that allows a user to take bits and pieces of several photos and combine them into a single SVG animated scene. At the present, animations can zoom and move, but the SVG standard allows many other options which Accelerated I/O is incorporating into their app.The app does not only put animation within the reach of everyone, but makes it fun and easy that a 7 year old can animate a photo in 4 minutes or less. This is one of those things that could get out of hand. 

Accelerated I/O, Inc. (AIO) markets Pac-n-Zoom (PnZ) Technology. AIO makes the technology available to end-users at and to application developers to incorporate in their own websites and mobile applications. AIO has open sourced the web animation and encourages application developers to build upon the code.

This video gives an overview of Colorcom's core technology that uses continuous mathematics to accurately represent the images or signals, and yield a valid solution that yields more usable data and smaller file sizes than current methods.

Colorcom has reached a milestone with the development of a raster to vector converter technology called IFR (Indirect Formularizing Resolution). This technology represents the solution to many critical problems currently presented by unintelligible graphic information.